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Our drag and drop editing helps you create assignments in just minutes.


Loaded with Questions

Skip the hustle to find right the practice material. Pick from our massive library of 10,000+ Questions


Works with your CMS

Create classwork and assignments directly from Google Classroom, Schoology & many others.


Create & Send engaging assignment in minutes

Our assignment builder lets you create interactive classwork that is more impactful, more engaging, and more effective than any other assignment platform on the market.

You can use images, interactive charts and videos to make your assignments feel more real for students. There is also a library of over 10,000 questions with answers, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Once you have created your assignment, the fun begins. We ask students just one question at a time, like a real conversation. This helps them relax, focus and finish the exam without any anxiety.


Track Student Engagement

Save time. Save money. Save energy. All while you see when your students started their assignments, what they know and how far they are along in their learning journey.

With real-time notifications and helpful analytics, you can avoid the stress of grading and constantly reminding students to complete assignments, leaving you with more time to teach and get better results.


Keep everything on the same page! Always

The fastest way to connect with your school’s administrative system, PrepHub connects seamlessly with all major classroom management systems.

Results for classwork shared using PrepHub automatically synch across Google Classroom, Schoology and many others platforms. Once you connect PrepHub with your CMS, you can,

Send assignments directly from your classroom management system

Synch results across Google Classroom, Schoology & many others.


Save with Hybrid Mode

We are all for technology, but we understand that not everyone can always be online.

You can download PrepHub assignments with easy print options. Eco-Mode allows you to save trees and print multiple questions on the same page and Focus mode prevents content overflow, so that your students don’t have to keep turning pages.

Fun Fact: Assignments created using PrepHub use 23% lower ink and 15% fewer pages than other quiz software programs.