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A learning tool to make Self Study easy for you

Self-study is difficult, draining, and frankly, quite lonely. Outside the normal classroom, students often lack a sense of direction, learning environment, and the right peer group.

The good news is - at PrepHub® we understand how challenging yet rewarding self study can be, and we are on a mission to make self study extremely easy for students. Our aim is to use technology to deliver a personalised learning experience that is affordable, accessible and guarantees improvement.

PrepHub offers unlimited practice questions, instructional videos and a personalised dashboard that helps students identify their strengths and areas that need a little more practice.

The practice that students take on our platform is guided by our smart learning algorithm. If the student struggles with a particular question or type of material, our adaptive technology identifies the weaknesses and precisely adjusts what they should study to increase absorption.

We currently tackle Math content for classes 9 & 10 in English and Gujarati and are working hard every day to expand to more classes, subjects, and languages.

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